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Base Type: E26 E27 E39 EX39 E40

Color Temperature: 3000K-5700K

Epistar 2835, ,115lm/w, AC100-277V,CRI≥80, PF≥0.9

360degree beam angle, IP65 Protection,UL DLC4.0 Standard

Flame retardant material, No fan, Temperature control systerm

Retrofit for CFL,Replaces 70W - 100W  MHL / HPS / HQL.Suitable for use in enclosed luminaires

Omni-directional for both LED industrial and commercial application:

  • Replaces MH, HPS, HID, CFL and incandescent.
  • Can be used in open and enclosed fixtures.
  • Wet and Damp location—IP65 protection
  • Emits no UV light, contains no mercury
  • UL, cUL, DLC4.0 approved
  • 5 years limited warranty

LED corn cob lamp, named for its shape, designed and used to replace the traditional lamps such as high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), high intensity discharge(HID) and compact fluorescent lamps. It can save in excess of 80% in energy costs of the equivalent wattage standard lamps. With the development of the DLC 4.0 version, now our LED HID replacement lamp is eligible for many local and national utility based incentive programs.

By adjusting the thermistor’s PWM DIM feet, the lamp temperature can be automatically reset along with the Ta’s change. For instance, when the Ta is at 65℃, the system power starts to drop gradually; When the Ta drops, the power returns to the initial value.


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